How To Change Facebook Profile URL

How to change facebook Profile URL?
It is very easy to change facebook profile url. what is this?
Facebook Profile URL is very important and easy to for finding friends.

Example: Your friend want to add you in his facebook friend list and he is search on facebook but he can't found you.
so it is easy just give him your Profile URL he will be Find You Easy.

Facebook Automatic Profile URL is Like this:


So how to change like this:

It is very easy to change first watch demo for  doubt then follow all step and change your Facebook Profile URL if your not change it already.

Change Your Facebook Profile URL:


  • First Go to
  • Login to your account
  • Then click on Setting>> General Setting.
  • Now you will be see there username click on Edit

  • Click on Edit 
  • After clicking you will see page bellow:

  • Now type you name is the empty box
  • Be sure is your typed username is available or not
  • IF username is not available so you will see 
  • ( this username is not available )
  • But If the username is available so you will see
  • ( Usernmae is available )
  • Then click on Save Changes
  • For security reason you will need to add your Password
  • You must add your Password if your not add it must be not saved

  • Be sure are you add your username correctly
  • IT is change only once if your add it at one time then it will be not chaneges
  • So Please Becarefully

I hope you enjoy this simple but important article about Facebook .
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