How to create blog free

Toaday I want to share That how to make free website/blog so watch all the instruction and follow them

  • First IF you have gmail account so you can create it free IF have not gmail account so create gmail account free
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  • Go to Blogger  ( )
  • Log in by your gmail account

  • Type your email click on Next then type your Password 
  • Select Profile for blogger eg: google plus or limited blogger profile.
  • There is nothing you can select one
  • After salecting profile the page should be open
  • Now you can click on new blog as shown Below;

  • After Clicking the page will be open below:

  • Add title in title field and add address in address field
  • Eg:
  • Then click on Create Blog.
  • Now You are created free blog
Everyone should know about this article but maybe it is helpfull for you.
I don't need your one click I need you to stay in my blog and watch new tutorials dailly.

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