How to create Google Adsense account for blogger

Today I should explain you that how to create google adsense account for blogger/website.

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  • If you have blog log in your account
  • Go to Dashboard
  • Click on Earning as show below:

  • Then click on sign up for adsense as shown in picture
  • When your click so the page will be open below:

  • Click on sign up now ( blogger users don't need this step).
  • When your click so the page will be open as shown in picture below.

  • Now click on sign in after clicking the page will be open below:

  • If your come from blogger so your will don't need to add your blog address its should add automatically

  • Select your launguage then click on save and continue
  • After clicking the page should be open as shown below:

  • Complete all field correctly there is notthing difficult.
  • This is final step click on Submit my application 
  • Now your application for google adesnse is been submited.
  • You see on screen ( Thanks you for submited application your account is under review after reviewing we will mail you.
  • So check your mail box ( which email your use for adsense ) after 24 hours or 48 hours they should mailed you
  • So log in your account place code in your website
  • Now one review is remaining after palcing code your blog/website will be reviewing if your blog/website is able for adsense so you will recieve Congratulation mail by google.
  • Before submite application must watch google adsense copyright policy

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