How to delete Backup or import content in blospot

This is simple Article About Blogspot that how to delete , backup content or import content in blogspot.
IF you don't know about this so must see this article.

  • First Go To Blogger Dashboard then click on  Setting then click Basic on Setting as shown below:

  • Their is 3 arrows in picture If you want to delete your blog so click on Delete blog which is I'm shown on red arrow.
  • After clicking the the page will be open below:
  • Before deleting your blog must download your blog which is i'm shown on red arrow.
  • Click on Delete This Blog your blog will be detelet.
  • Greate News Every time you can Undelete your blog which your see in your blogger Dashboard
  • But IF you want to Backup your blog all data.
  • You can do it. It is  very easy step Go To Setting in Your Blogger Dashboard .
  • Then click on Backup content which I'm shown on Green arrow:

  • Click on Save to your computer your blog all data downloading will be start.
  • Backup content is very important fot all users if your the blog owner so Backup your blog every day or every week because if deleted some data from your blog by mistake so you can add that data again if you have backup so.

  • Now how to Import content from one blog to another blog without deleting any thing.
  • To Import content to blog go to Dashboard then click on Setting 
  • Then click on Import Content which I'm shown on Blue arrow
  • After clicking the page will be open below:

  • First click on i'm not robot when the box is checked
  • Then click on Import From Computer select your other blog data and importing will be start it will take some time depends on your data
  • If you want to publish all data automatically so mark the box
  • If you don't want to publish all data automatically so uncheck the box then publish manually which in store in drops.

This article is very usefull for all users everyone should know about this but maybe someone don't know therefore I'm write this article with full detail.

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