How to embad code from live tv player

Today I will share with you very impotant post for those blogger/website user which have blog/website for live tv.

  • How to embade code from player? 

  • First visit a nice tv channel website the follow below:
  • Which channels you want to embad visit page right click on page 
  • Now click on inspect then you will be see  all codes of page
  • Touch Mouse with every code you will be see highlight on page
  • IF you are see highlight on player so then right click on that code which is show highlight on player
  • then click on edit html 
  • Now select all code and copy 
  • the code will be see like this:
<iframe src=";vw=600&amp;vh=400&amp;" width="600" height="400" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>

  • Copy code and past in your website where you want to add
  • The channel is copy curreclty like this:

The code your see this is PTV SPORTS live channel code and this tutorials is for chrome users you can also do this in firefox

IF you have problem so please comment
Or you need live tv embaded codes so type your chennels names in the comment box below.

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