How to share rar exe zip apk or other bog files to whatsapp

How To Share BigFiles To WhatsApp?
Eg: exe, rar, zip, apk, and more other files.
You must need to install CloudSend And DropBox in Your Phone.
Follow these steps and share your files with your friends on whatsapp using your mobile phone.

  • First is whatapp install in your phone?
  • Download DropBox From Google Play And Cloud Send Must Be Install too.
  • First Install CloudSend When your start setup it will be redirected to install  DropBox  in your Mobile Phone.
  • IF it is not redirect then install manually and create new folder in DropBox Name will be CloudSend 
  • After installing both apps then follow below steps:
  • First open Cloud send  Then you should be promoted link with DropBox.
  • Click Allow  ( Please don't ignore this step this is very important step )
  • Now Which file you want to share or send to your friend share thats file on to CloudSend 
  • File should be automaticcaly send to DropBox And Thats file will be provide you link in DropBox.
  • Now this link is working for downloading.
  • For checking Please visit thats link which is provide you DropBox for your file.
  • when your visit the link downloading will be start.
  • Copy thats link and send to your friend or share on WhatsApp.
Note:  DropBox And CloudSend Must Be Need.

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