Publish Your New Posts Automatically To Google+

Publish Your New Posts Automatically To Google+ . It is very important option for traffic when your enable it so your every post will be also automatically add in google.
And your traffic will be growing fast.

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard >> Setting Then click on Post, comments and sharing.
  • After clicking you will be see page below:

  • IF you want to publish automaticaly all post to google plus so save yes the first one.
  • And if you want to Promot to share after posting it means when your publish post in your blogger and if it is yes so you will be see Google plus sharring option after publishing post.
  • If you want to enable this so save yes.

The automattically option is excellent for all blogger users I also use this option.
So see the screenshot and save changes and get more traffic.

This is very cool tools for traffic.
I hope you enjoy it. Please comment if you like.
I don't need your one click please Please stay here  watch updates dailly and learn more.

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