Welcome Message Html For blogger

Add this scrips to your blog for welcome message or you can also use  it for warning!
Example: A page there is not allowed less then 15 years people so you can add this scripts there for warning!.

See the screenshots, First screenshot is take from chrome browser and second screenshot is take from internet explorer

  • First Go to Dashboard in blogger then layout and then click on HTML/Jave Scripts
  • where you want to add you can add but it should be seeing at top or center which is depends on browser just see the screenshots.

<script language="JavaScript">
 function alertMe(message)
alertMe("Welcome To TutorialWayz!!!")


See to green area (welcome to tutorialwayz!!!) you can add there everything what you want to add.

This scripts is working 100% in every templates for problem please type your comment in the comment box.

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